All Natural Body Care

 At the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex we see way too many cases of skin irritation and cancer in pets today. To minimize exposure to toxic pesticides, we encourage the use of essential oils to support a healthy immune system and skin.

Dr. Jodie developed Furfume™!


The essential oils used in Furfume™ and Furfume Fire™ are purely distilled and not adulterated. This makes them different from perfume grade essential oils used in other products on the market.

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A general nutrition or wellness discussion via telephone or email with Dr. Jodie is an option. 

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Furfume & Furfume Fire Coat Sprays

To minimize exposure to toxic pesticides, Dr. Jodie developed Furfume™ and Furfume Fire™. Dog and cat guardians appreciate using safe natural essential oils to deter summer pests. Furfume™ oils are purely distilled and not adulterated, making them different from the perfume grade oils used by other manufacturers.

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