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My Philosophy

Hi! It has been my mission to encourage the integration of natural foods and remedies into pet health care.  However, holistic care includes a lot more than great food, but also the nurturing of the mind, body and spirit for the best quality of life and longevity. My product line is only one small part of my journey to help myself and you to integrate natural health principles into your own life and that of your dog or cat! 

To facilitate My mission I formulated a unique line of natural pet products.

Each product fulfills a needed niche. I have helped many pet patients with raw diets for food therapy, but I felt I needed a no starch, single protein meat treat to complement the D-Lectables evolved! Soon I recognized the need for a better variety of organs to be provided, not only for kibbble eaters, but also those pets receiving home-prepared raw. From that came our most popular N-Trail Mix!  There are many gaps in the natural pet industry. Dr. Jodie's Natural Pets N-Trail Mix is a delicious blend of crunchy, freeze-dried organ bits which fill a functional food need and delight the most finicky carnivores! Essential oils have become a huge part of my life and my practice. Essential oils help me address the physical and the emotional aspects of dis-ease. Furfume is a 100% essential oil coat spray which pet parents use instead of  toxic, chemical spot-ons. Watch for continued growth in our product collection as we develop new ways to meet the needs of dogs and cats and naturally-minded pet parents like you!

--Dr. Jodie

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