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Dr. Jodie's Natural Pet Products are perfect for the natural pet retailer! Our diverse line of unique products will fill gaps in the natural pet product industry and quickly become the most popular offerings in your shop!
Your search for a pet treat line with no starch, no grain, no wheat, no sugar, and no artificial preservatives is over. Meat-based treats are perfect for pets who are obese, arthritic, have digestive problems, decreased appetites, infections, skin issues, afflicted with cancer, allergies or diabetes, or just plain love yummy treats.
Our beautiful poster can be displayed on a freezer or wall in your shop to attract attention and educate your customers as to proper food selections.
Please contact us to order your Introductory Special. We have mixed small numbers of each product to test them in your business at an excellent discounted price. For future orders, you will be pleased with our small case sizes.
Online wholesale ordering is available for your convenience. Your wholesale ordering account will be approved pending verification of your retail status. 
Contact us for more information about our entire product line, wholesale pricing and to get your exclusive introductory order savings coupon.


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