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Want to know where Dr. Jodie will be next?


Here is a schedule of where and when Dr. Jodie will be in the coming months.  Please check back regularily to see updates.

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Dr. Jodie lives in  Scottsdale, Arizona. Email her for availability! 
Dr. Jodie could see you for an appointment at
The Fetching Dog in Scottsdale at Pima Crossing on Shea at the 101. 
Days and times vary.
Please email!


Dr. Jodie is at her Payson, Arizona location:
Most Mondays and one Wednesday per month, but this varies. Please email:
Other locations you can find Dr. Jodie:
  • Balanced Paws in Fountain Hills
  • Peoria's Pet Market in Peoria
  • All Teeth Cleaning venues

Contact Dr. Jodie here:

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