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Are You Still Feeding Dry Kibble?

In circles of pet enthusiasts who feed species-appropriate, meat-based diets, it is surprising to hear of pet guardians who still feed dry kibble and seem oblivious to the detriment of this type of pet nutrition!

Kibble must contain starch in order to be made. Grain-free does NOT mean starch-free. Starch is inflammatory. Excessive starch is stored as triglycerides. This is fat. Too many carbohydrates is a major cause of obesity. Much more so than the amount of exercise. We know obesity predisposes to diabetes and shortens life. Pets and people are always battling inflammation, the -itis diseases. Gingivitis, arthritis, dermatitis, gastroenteritis, colitis and more. These disorders almost always improve with the elimination of starch and a transition to a balanced, prey-concept diet. These diets have become common place. There are dozens of manufacturers of safe, convenient, commercially available raw diets. Did you know feeding raw food is less expensive than feeding canned food? The additional benefit is that raw is fresh, unlike processed food which comes in a can or bag. Cooking food removes vital nutrients which are then replaced with potentially toxic synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Feeding fresh food is common sense. Feeding meat to a carnivore is common sense. Eating a variety of fresh healthy foods is good advice. If someone told you to eat the same cereal twice every day and never change, would you think they're crazy? Yet, we accept this advice and feed our dogs and cats this way everyday. Pet parents wonder why their cats are prone to vomiting and their dogs are prone to loose stool. You are what you eat applies to people and their pets!

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Jodie Gruenstern,DVM,CVA is a UW-Madison graduate and has been practicing veterinary medicine in Muskego, Wisconsin since 1987. She is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and food therapist by the Chi Institute. Dr. Jodie is the owner of the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex, an integrated small animal practice. She has been an advocate for natural pet care through writing, speaking, radio, television and the manufacturing of unique products. Dr. Jodie is founder of the non-profit iPAW: Integrating People for Animal Wellness.

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